The Chilliwack Speech and Language Department is introducing a new way for educators to target Language Content - The “SWAP”. SWAP stands for “Student Word Analysis and Practice”. The format of the SWAP borrows heavily from the now familiar format of the SNAP, a district math program that has been successfully introduced for teaching and assessing Numeracy skills. We envision the SNAP template to be easily “swapped out” for the new Language and Literacy template.

The SWAP came about after we had observed the SNAP in classrooms and thought a similar template would lend itself to a Language and Literacy focus. Many students have limited Language Content skills (weak vocabulary, disorganized word storage and imprecise word usage). Students rely on solid Language Content skills to communicate effectively, and to derive meaning when they read and to write rich text.

Because low Language Content skills are commonly identified in our students through SLP assessment, we endeavored to create a learning tool that could target many Language Content skills at once, in an integrated and meaningful exercise.

We hope that because of previous introduction to the SNAP, educators can easily incorporate the “SWAP” into classroom routines, much like its predecessor. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive from classroom teachers, Speech-Language Assistants and their students.


Jillian built off of the brilliant work of the SNAP creators, whose elegant framework for numeracy, inspired SWAP. 

Jillian Gordon is a Speech-Language Pathologist in School District #33 who believes strongly in establishing functional communication as a foundation for social and academic growth.  Jillian believes especially in a “teach the teacher” model of service delivery, which allows caregivers and educators to tweak their routine interactions in a way that encourages communication in fun, natural and social settings.


SLP Department: Heidi Logan, Nadine Gagnon, Emily Shepherd, Kelly Purves, Erica Tolman

We are grateful to our Speech-Language Assistants Melanie Paisley, Nicola McCullogh and Darla Rintjema who piloted SWAP with students long before it was ready for a formal roll-out.

Thank you for supporting our vision: Justin Moore, David Manuel, Helen Plummer, Kirk Savage and Jessica Adams-Loupret.

Thank you to Josh Bouthot, Joanne Britton and Brandee Jersak for your formatting expertise!

Thank you to Isabelle Payne for translation of SWAP boards into french.

*Upcoming Workshops*

  • February 15th, SD#33 District Professional Development Day


"Very applicable to my practice.  Feels like I will be able to easily apply at the different tiers.  I can't wait to try it!"

"After your presentation I was excited to try SWAP!  I have been able to use it 6 times in classrooms this week.  I had amazing feedback from the teachers and I wanted to thank you so much for this tool!"

23/23 would recommend this workshop to a colleague.

23/23 felt that SWAP would be a useful tool in [their] classroom/practice.

22/23 felt “ready” or “I’m going to try this week” (about their readiness to try SWAP after the workshop)

*SWAP workshop Cranbrook- Nov.13, 2023