Frequently Asked Questions


Is SWAP a district assessment?

No, SWAP was designed as a teaching tool.  You are able to easily use it for assessment purposes with your student(s), but it is not a mandated district assessment.  (SNAP is a district assessment).

What word should I pick for SWAP?

We have found that a simple, concrete noun works best.  This does not mean that the SWAP exercise can not lead you into higher level vocabulary, but start with a familiar word and work from there.  Examples of words that have been done with classes in the past include:  blossom, snowflake, mountain, team, beaver, liquid, salmon, apple, moss.

Where can I find a SWAP board?

Each elementary and French immersion program in SD #33 were given two boards to share at school. 

How do I order a SWAP board for personal use?

Some schools and individual staff have ordered additional boards directly from Gidney Signs.  The cost is approximately $50.  They have the templates.  Alternatively, you can use a PDF template from this website and project it to use with larger groups.

Contact Gidney Signs at:  telephone 604-858-5696; e-mail

*please note that Gidney Signs is an independent vendor and there is no financial relationship with the developer.

Can someone come to my classroom and demonstrate how to use SWAP?

Yes!  Please request by contacting us or request through your school’s Speech-Language Pathologist.  Also watch for training opportunities throughout the year!

Does SWAP align with SD#33’s strategic plan?

Yes!  SWAP can be used as a strategy to support all 4 goals:


  • Oral Language is the foundation for Literacy skills.


  • Reinforces SNAP and deep understanding

Human and Social Development-

  • Shared personal experience
  • Diverse points of view
  • Cultural input


  • Consistent framework applicable from K-12